Spring 2010

Volume 19 No. 1

Plant a Tree for You and Me

Conservation is moving from the country to backyards across Indiana. Interest in our natural resources is growing. The southern Indiana project called “Plant a Tree for You and Me” will add to this movement.

This is a joint project of the Clark, Crawford, Floyd, Harrison, Jefferson, Ripley and Scott County SWCDs, and is sponsored by Historic Hoosier Hills RC&D. The five-year project has two primary goals. The first is to educate our communities about the benefits of trees and their management. The second goal of the project is to help and encourage the citizens of southern Indiana to plant 100,000 trees in our seven county areas by 2012.

Why Plant 100,000 Trees? This question was pondered for some time. Research was completed to see if this could really make a difference. The answer is a definitive “yes, it could make a difference.” Here are some of the benefits:

Trees modify local temperatures, reducing heating and cooling costs.

Trees remove carbon dioxide from the air and replace it with oxygen.

Trees smooth out the harsh and straight lines of buildings improving curb appeal.

Trees provide shade for cooling parking lots, driveways, sidewalks and vehicles.

Trees buffer noise and screen out unsightly views.

Trees add property value.

Trees provide nuts, fruits and other food for humans and wildlife.

Trees help relieve stress and reduce recovery time for sick and injured people.

Trees promote harmony among people reducing acts of aggression and crime.

Over ninety-five percent of the land in Indiana is privately owned. These private landowners and their treatment of the land largely determine the quality of our environment. Farmers use conservation plans to help them manage their natural resources. These plans help them to apply practices which meet production objectives while protecting soil, water, air, plants and animal resources. Homeowners can develop a similar plan for their backyard. The joys of natural beauty, song birds, butterflies, mosquito control, cooler summer evenings and the great outdoors will become a satisfying reward! You can become a part of this exciting movement to plant 100,000 trees by recording the trees you have planted.

For more information about the Plant a Tree for You and Me project please check out the website at www.clarkswcd.org/PAT/openpage.htm. Your local Soil and Water Conservation District office is also a great source of information about planting trees, recording those planted and developing your backyard plan.