Woodland Steward Supporters


Many thanks to our readers for the continued support of the Woodland Steward Newsletter. The Institute wishes to publicly thank each of you for your contributions. In 2010, the institute received contributions from 269 Woodland enthusiasts, for a total of $5,847.00. This money will enable the Institute to mail to an additional 4,000 woodland owners.                                  


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Woodland Steward Supporters

Many thanks to our readers for the continued support of the Woodland Steward Newsletter. The Institute wishes to publicly thank each of you for your contributions. In 2016, the institute received contributions from 181 Woodland enthusiasts, for a total of $4,671.00.


Presidents Level

John H. Ahlemeyer, Clinton, IN

Eric R. Anderson, Milltown, IN

Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Auer, Larwill, IN

Bartholomew Co Conservation Council, Columbus, IN

David W. Beck, Franklin, IN

Joseph E. Buehler, Jasper, IN

Rick & Mary Burgeson, Huntingburg, IN

Robert Dunn, Indianapolis, IN

Robert Fanning, Howe, IN

Nola Gentry, West Lafayette, IN

Pete Halstead, Linton, IN

Charles Hampel, Butler, IN

David Heise, Martinsville, IN

Robert G. Holz, Lanesville, IN

Harry & Carolyn Knauff Jr., Denver, IN

Mr. & Mrs. Sid Kubesch, Peru, IN

Craig Linthicum, Kendallville, IN

Steve Mitchell, Mitchell Veneer Inc., Sellersburg, IN

Mik & Annette Murphy, Scottsburg, IN

Robert R. Myers, Seymour, IN

Mary S. Okocha, Seattle, WA

Billy L. Peek, South Riding, VA

David Royer, Royer Logging, Goshen, IN

Sam Shine Foundation Inc., New Albany, IN

William A. Sigman, Fishers, IN

Danny Stangland, Albion, IN

Gordon Terry, Bath, IN

Riley & Amy Tharp, Coatsville, IN

Robert P. Thomas, Nashville, IN

Warren Baird, Atlanta, IN

Robert Boehniein,

Richard Wilson, Spencer, IN

Carl D. Prohaska, Louisville, KY

Creative Construction Publishing,


Patron Level

Tim & Jenny Abbott, Vevay, IN

Elaine S. Anderson, RBK Farms, LLC, Peru, IN

Gary & Linda Anderson, Odessa, FL

Marianne Aurich, Unionville, IN

Oliver L. Baily, Cincinnati, OH

Jerry D. Barkley, Fort Wayne, IN

Ralph & Priscilla Baumheckel, Indianapolis, IN

Gary Baxter, Indianapolis, IN

Walter Beineke, West Lafayette, IN

Don & Janet Berry, Spencer, IN

Homer & Lois Biggs, Spencer, IN

Wilma K.G. Binford & Joseph Binford, North Vernon, IN

Richard W. Bower, Sunman, IN

Albert & Sherry Brethauer, Indianapolis, IN

Linda J. Bukowski, Walkerton, IN

Richard Bush, Pekin, IN

Michael R. Carney, Vincennes, IN

Wilbert & Edith Mae Clemans, Denver, IN

Stephen Coburn, Churubusco, IN

Stuart Cok, Sparta, MI

Joseph Crist, Wilkerson, IN

Gregory Dashiell, Albion, IN

Donald E. Davis, Batesville, IN

Gregg Fender, Southgate, KY

Greg Fields, Greenwood, IN

Russell David Fisher, Indianapolis, IN

Verla B. Flick, Huntingburg, IN

John Flory & Stanley D. Flory, Jones, MI

Ted Fowler, Aurora, IN

Don & Connie Gatke, Westport, IN

Damon Hall, Bedford, IN

Kevin Harping, Marysville, IN

Harold A. Hartman, Sunman, IN

Gertrude K. Hembree, Columbus, OH

Max & Penelope Jacobus, Columbus, IN

Karen Kaehr, Selma, IN

Richard Kemp, Morgantown, IN

Allen Kinnett, Mooresville, IN

Peter Klink, Coldwater, MI

Fred Koppenhofer, Grovertown, IN

Alan Kunkel, Jasper, IN

Wendell & Carole Leedy, Greenwood, IN

Wendell & Carole Leedy, Greenwood, IN

Richard S. Lentz, Charlestown, IN

Teena Ligman, Bedford, IN

Joe Lohmeyer, Columbus, IN

Gerald Long, Indianapolis, IN

Rich & Becky McDaniel, Lafayette, IN

Rob McGriff, North Vernon, IN

Mrs. Barbara Moore, LaPorte, IN

Charles Mortensen, Janesville, WI

Larry Moser, Pennville, IN

Clarence D. & Priscilla L. Mudd, Elizabeth, IN

Jim B Nardi, Urbana, IL

Ralph H. Olson, Grand Rapids, MN

John Prather, Memphis, IN

Jerry & Ruth Pride, Otwell, IN

Maxine Redding, Richmond, VA

Troy Reitman, Mitchell, IN

Thomas E. Roney, Greenfield, IN

James Scarlett, West Baden, IN

Mr. & Mrs. C. Scholer, West Lafayette, IN

Gary W. Schwomeyer, Cloverdale, IN

Deler L. Sease, Peru, IN

George Shambaugh III, Atlanta, GA

Jeanne K. Shaw, Nashville, IN

John B. Shawhan, Plainbfield, IN

Kebe Sheets, Sheets Tree Farm LLC, Osgood, IN

Donald Shiles, Indianapolis, IN

Bruce Slover, Creal Springs, IL

Larry A. & Allen L. Smith, Patricksburg, IN

Lois Smith Markham, High Point, NC

Tom Smith, North Vernon, IN

Melvin & Susanna Stoltzfus, Marshall, IN

Andrew Thieneman, Boonville, IN

Joe Tierney, Beech Grove, IN

Joe Wagner, Osgood, IN

Tony & Debra Walker, Elizabeth, IN

John R. Werner, Tell City, IN

Ward Wilkins, Lafayette, IN

Robert Williamson, Columbus, IN

Robert Williamson, Columbus, IN

David Wolf, Browwnsburg, IN

Helen M. Wysong, Sunman, IN

Robert & Marsha Zeller, Noblesville, IN


Supporting Level

Klaus D. & Deborah M. Adams, Rosedale, IN

Robert Albert, Culver, IN


Jerry & Violet Beard, Bristow, IN

Richard J. Beier, Wausau, WI

Michael Benham, Paoli, IN

Barbara Boerger, Fort Wayne, IN

Hugh J. Bonner DBA, Cincinnati, OH

Jim & Susan Boscia, Crown Point, IN

Chuck Boyce, Morgantown, IN

Chuck Boyce, Morgantown, IN

Melvin Buchanan, Madison, IN

A.R. Cain, Houston, TX

Jim Carrier, Manvilla, IN

Vera Casper, Zionsville, IN

Neil Collignon, Santa Claus, IN

Leroy Collins, Nashville, IN

Wayne Corne, Jr., Martinsville, IN

Jeff Cummins, Martinsville, IN

J.W. Dennis, Rosedale, IN

Mary Frabek, Pekin, IN

Ed Friedhoff, Sunman, IN

Glen & Anna Fry, Topeka, IN

Glen & Anna Fry, Topeka, IN

John A. & Patricia K. Garrity, Arlington Heights, IL

Bert Geswein, Brazil, IN

Glenn Goodwine, Gary, IN

Carl D. Grieshop, Batesville, IN

Jon & Ruth Hilty, Salem, IN

Max Hoffman, Columbus, IN

Allan K. Holle, Seymour, IN

Kenneth E. Hord, Madison, IN

Alvin L. Hull, Greensburg, IN

P. Jayne, Poland, IN

Ed Jones, Kettering, OH

Nina Key, Newport, KY

Michael & Donna Kinman, Laurel, IN

Emily Kirshner, Milford, MI

Mary Lou Kolodiej, Michigan City, IN

Kenneth Kroft, Greencastle, IN

Hilda Lee, Marysville, IN

Gary J. Lind, Cincinnati, OH

Dean McQueen, West Harrison, IN

Anthony & Manetta Mead, Greenfield, IN

Sherry Mullins, French Lick, IN

Roosevelt Nicholson, Salem, IN

Dick & Lois Norwood, Huntington, IN

Charles T. Palmer, Gainesville, FL

James M. Phelps, Lanesville, IN

David L. Phillips, Paoli, IN

James & Elizabeth Pondo, Plymouth, IN

Richard Rieckers, Seymour, IN

Carroll & Martha Ritter, Williams, IN

Jerry D. Roberts, Seymour, IN

Norm & Renate Rush, Shoals, IN

William M. Russ, Bloomington, IN

Eugene Schaich, Lawrenceburg, IN

Emanuel C. Schmidt, Salem, IN

R. Holbrook Schuster, Greensburg, IN

Graham Sellers, Coldwater, MI

Melvin Sermersheim, Huntingburg, IN

Michael Skaggs Logging, Mauckport, IN

Gretel Smith, Garrett, IN

Leon Sullivan, Columbus, IN

Larry D. Thomas, Freedom, IN

Wayne Tipner, Rotonda West, FL

Patrick Tompkins, Hudson, IN

Thomas & Nina Vance, Scottsburg, IN

Vinetree Farm, Hardinsburg, IN

William & Pamela Virostko, Saint Charles, MO

Don Whetstone, Elkhart, IN

Anita Wilhelm, Miamitown, OH

Thomas & Joanne Wilson, Terre Haute, IN

Jeffery Eller, Dillsboro, IN

George Brown, Carbon, IN

Jerry Grube, Larwill, IN



Soil and Water Conservation District Woodland Steward Supporters 2017














































St. Joseph












Thank you to all the supporting SWCD’s. Without your support, many landowners in Indiana would not receive the Woodland Steward Newsletter.

Landowners – If you have not stopped by to visit your local SWCD lately it is well worth the trip. SWCD’s can provide you with a wealth of information about invasive species, conservation programs through the Farm Bill, wildlife, soil conservation and many other natural resource related topics. Besides all this information, they are wonderful people that work locally in your county to bring a critical environmental perspective to land use and economic development issue and help develop local solutions to natural resource related problems. Stop in and visit.


Every county in Indiana has a Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) whose mission it is to provide information about soil, water and related natural resource conservation. One way SWCD’s accomplish this mission is through the support of the Woodland Steward Newsletter. The counties listed above contributed funds for the printing and mailing of the Woodland Steward Newsletter to the landowners in their county. The next time you visit your local SWCD, thank them for their support of the Woodland Steward Newsletter or encourage them to support the newsletter in future years.

Thank you to all the supporting SWCD’s. Without your support many landowners in Indiana would not receive the Woodland Steward Newsletter.